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5 Notable Facts About Us

In these five points, you will get to find out what makes us us.

1. Flat Structure

We have a flat structure and, as there are not as many underwriting layers to go through, an initial ‘yes’ decision can be made within a matter of hours.

2. The ‘Nothing is Impossible’ Attitude

We like to think outside the box. Our team would rather bend over backwards to find a solution than straight-out say ‘no’.

3. We Offer Gifted Deposits

Would you like to help your child buy a house? You may gift a percentage of the property value, and the bridge from us can cover the remainder of the deposit.

4. Non-dom Approach

Clients based outside the UK with a desire to buy or refinance properties in Britain may still be eligible for a bridging loan with us. We have lent to clients from as far as India and the US.

5. Tight-knit Team

Our team works as well as a family unit where all members are easy-going and open, and treat each other with respect. We offer the same level of trust and understanding to our clients and brokers, which makes us approachable and easy to work with.

Bridging finance can be a timesaving tool that lowers the chance of missing out on investment opportunities. And if you need one yourself, get it touch to discuss your options.


Stay informed!

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