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Bridging Bonds: A Festive Feast with TBG Dream Team

A Festive Feast with TBG Dream Team

'Tis the season to be jolly, and The Bridging Group team took that sentiment to heart as we gathered for a delightful Christmas lunch at Dishoom Covent Garden yesterday. Our six-member squad, led by the charismatic director Jagtar, made sure to turn the festive feast into a memorable celebration.

Despite the hustle and bustle of a crowded restaurant, our team found ourselves in a cosy corner to revel in the spirit of Christmas. The atmosphere was set just right with a backdrop of good music, creating a symphony of joy that echoed throughout the gathering.

The lunch became a stage for sharing stories, reminiscing about shared victories, and planning exciting ventures for the coming year. Our remote work dynamic didn't dampen the festive spirit; if anything, it added an extra layer of joy to our reunion.

TBG were not just toasting to Christmas but also to our outstanding Case Manager, Sheetal Patel's, birthday. Our team had conspired behind the scenes to surprise Sheetal with a large gift and a birthday card that had everyone in stitches with its humour. Our server joined the celebration in a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Sheetal. The moment not only celebrated her birthday but also showcased the tight-knit camaraderie within our team.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show – the food. Dishoom Covent Garden delivered a culinary masterpiece that left the Bridging Group team in awe. From delectable appetisers to mouth-watering mains, every dish was a celebration of flavors. The team unanimously agreed that the restaurant's prowess in the kitchen was nothing short of impressive.

With hearts full of joy, stomachs content with delicious food, and memories etched in laughter, our team bid adieu to Dishoom Covent Garden, knowing that this Christmas celebration was not just a lunch – it was a lighthearted chapter in the ongoing saga of our professional and personal journey together.


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