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Introducing TBG's Diverse Bridging And Development Finance Options

TBG Bridging Loans Options

At The Bridging Group, we understand that navigating the world of real estate and finance demands tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

That's why each of our bridging loans is meticulously crafted to provide you with the financial flexibility required to seize opportunities, complete projects, or overcome challenges. Let's take a closer look at our comprehensive list of bridging loan types:

Development Exit Bridge

Designed for part-built projects, focusing on properties that are wind and watertight.

How it works: Borrowers can secure financing to complete a development project, ensuring the property is suitable for sale or refinancing.

Development Finance

A brief financial arrangement for new development projects, typically short-lasting.

How it works: It covers the expenses of acquiring and constructing residential or commercial development projects, which may involve new builds, conversion or renovation of existing structures.

Commercial Bridge

Short-term funding for commercial real estate, such as hotels.

How it works: When the borrower provides a satisfying exit strategy, it acts as capital for time-sensitive opportunities or financial gaps as a commercial property is acquired or being renovated.

HMO Acquisition Bridge

Designed for purchasing Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

How it works: It provides funds to acquire HMO properties, often with higher returns due to multiple rental units.

Second Charge Bridge

Secured with a secondary charge on the property, often behind an existing mortgage.

How it works: Borrowers can access additional funds while the first mortgage remains in place.

First Charge Bridge

A primary bridge secured as the first charge against the property.

How it works: This loan takes priority over other debts and is used for various purposes, such as property acquisition or development.

Refurbishment and HMO Conversion Bridge

Specifically for properties requiring refurbishment and conversion into HMOs.

How it works: Funds are provided to renovate and convert properties into profitable HMOs.

Auction Purchase Bridge

Tailored for acquiring properties at auctions, where quick financing is essential.

How it works: Borrowers secure short-term financing to purchase properties at auctions and may later refinance or sell.

Closed Bridge

A bridging loan with a fixed repayment date.

How it works: Borrowers have a predetermined exit strategy, ensuring the loan is repaid within a specified timeframe.

Cashflow Bridge

Designed to address temporary cashflow challenges in businesses.

How it works: Businesses can use this loan to cover operational expenses until anticipated revenue arrives.

Debt Payoff

Used to consolidate and pay off existing business debts.

How it works: Borrowers can streamline their finances by using bridge funds to clear existing debts.

Stock Purchase Bridge

Provides working capital for purchasing inventory or stock.

How it works: Businesses can ensure an adequate supply of goods without disrupting cashflow.

BTL Investment Bridge

Designed for acquiring Buy-to-Let (BTL) investment properties.

How it works: Investors secure short-term financing to purchase income-generating real estate.

Non-Dom Bridge

Employed by individuals who are not domiciled in the country where they seek a bridging loan.

How it works: Property buyers with ties to England and Wales can swiftly secure real estate investments or navigate cross-border property deals.

Our diverse range of options ensures that you have the support you need, precisely when you need it. Whether you're a property developer, investor, or business owner, our bridging loans are designed to put you on the path to success. Contact us today to explore how our service can work for you.


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