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Case Study: Strategic Bridging Loan for a Returning Client

Strategic Bridging Loan for a Returning Client

In the competitive landscape of bridging finance, customer trust and satisfaction are paramount. This case study sheds light on a returning client who sought another loan from us, emphasising the significance of our expertise.

Client Background

Our client, a seasoned investor, previously engaged with us for a bridging loan and experienced a smooth and satisfactory transaction. Impressed by our knowledge and efficiency, they returned for a subsequent loan.

Property Overview

The property in question is a two-bedroom residential apartment with allocated parking, part of a new development of nine apartments in Leamington Spa. Notably, the apartment boasts high-quality finishes and is positioned as a potential investment opportunity. The Leamington Spa area exhibits a strong rental demand for similar apartments, adding a layer of financial promise to the venture.

Loan Details

Valuation: £400,000

Initial Gross Loan: £260,000

Gross LTV: 65%

Completion time: 2 weeks


The returning client sought funds for working capital, a testament to the versatility of our bridging loans. Importantly, they had already fully repaid their previous loan.

Security and Timeline

To secure the loan, a 1st Charge was taken against the apartment. Despite the intricacies involved, the entire case was successfully completed within a remarkable two-week timeframe.

This case exemplifies the trust our clients place in us, reaffirming our position as a reliable bridging lender. As we continue to foster strong relationships, we remain committed to being the go-to partner for those navigating the dynamic landscape of property investment and financing.


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