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FIBA and ASTL introduce an industry education programme

Following a debate at the 2021 Finance Professional Show in London, with the help of the London Institute of Banking & Finance, FIBA and ASTL will launch an industry education programme.

The project comes after a debate at the 2021 Finance Professional Show in London, where both the panel and the audience felt there was a need for a specialist qualification in the bridging field.

The education programme is planned to launch in January 2023, while FIBA and ASTL are still looking for module authors. Although we are still to find the details in October this year, it is already known that the course will end with an accreditation for CPD purposes and comprise 10 online modules to choose from, including basic lending structures, bridging, development and commercial finance.

As we read in Bridging & Commercial, Adam Tyler, executive chair of FIBA, believes the launch of the programme is a very important moment for the industry. He is quoted saying:

“I have been involved in education for our sector for many years, and this programme is successfully building upon a previous groundwork to deliver a collaborative initiative that is recognised as the definitive learning programme for commercial property finance.”

The CEO of ASTL, Vic Jannels, mentions that the association has been working on the project with FIBA for more than a year, therefore, being so close to launch on its own seems a big step to him. He also believes that, as quoted by Bridging & Commercial, “the programme will provide advisers with a more holistic understanding of the whole process and make the borrowing experience more comfortable and less mysterious for consumers.”

TBG is already encouraging the team to join as soon as the programme becomes available. We believe education is key in navigation within the industry, and deem such opportunities a helpful tool in bettering our customer service.


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