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Let's Celebrate Harj's Birthday!

Meet Harj Johal, our Business Development Manager who's brought a fresh breeze of dedication and humour to our bridging lending team over the past year.

Beyond the office, Harj's a devoted father of two and a die-hard Manchester United fan. His passion for football is infectious and adds an extra layer of camaraderie to our team.

His jokes and light-hearted banter keep our spirits high, even during busy days. He's the reminder that work can be fun, and a good laugh is the best stress reliever. His open-hearted approach to life and work has made him the bridge-builder, connecting with clients and colleagues effortlessly.

As we celebrate Harj's birthday, we appreciate his dedication, humour, and unique ability to make every day at work memorable.

May your family life be as rewarding as a perfectly executed play, and may your love for football continue to bring joy to your life.

Happy Birthday, Harj! 🥳

The Bridging Group Team

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