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Our team exhibited at Mortgage Business Expo in London

Jagtar, Sarah, Rick, Harj, Tarlochan and Martyna exhibited at the Business Design Centre in London. But apart from looking after our stand and making new connections, we also spent a chunk of our time in friendly chatter with each other.

Our first team member to arrive was Rick, who’d proven irreplaceable by setting up our stand a day prior to the exhibition. And once the rest of our group joined him on the day, we used our time to the fullest, meeting incredible people and discussing several deals.

"Good work today, guys. Great event," our Company Director, Jagtar Singh Sethi, gave our team a confidence boost.
"I didn't think it would be as successful as it was when I saw where our stand was on Wednesday, but it was perfect! We had so many amazing conversations," says Rick Davey, Key Account Manager.

Our stand was on the upper level, which in the end, turned out a comfortable option, as it gave us more space to shine and a more peaceful environment to meet passers-by.

It's worth mentioning that, in the meantime, we could also catch up on the time we'd spent apart, which, as one may see, brought us all a lot of joy. No wonder, as our team performs best when given the opportunity to be themselves.

"Great seeing everyone today. Some great jokes today," adds Harj Johal, our Business Development Manager.

Although some of us came back home with blisters on their toes, while others suffered from headaches of tiredness, it was all worth it for the atmosphere and the quantity and quality of the new connections we made.

"We were quite sad Sheryar and Sheetal could not make it, but I believe we can still agree we enjoyed every minute we spent there together," says Martyna Marklowska, TBG's Digital Marketing Executive. "I am also very grateful for the seminars, including Google Digital Garage. I think our company may benefit from them moving forward in a number or ways."

Needless to say, our team is looking forward to more opportunities like this, the closest one being the AJBN Annual Conference that will be held in London on 31st October.



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