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UK Property Trends: Embracing Sustainability for Smart Investments

Embracing Sustainability for Smart Investments - The Bridging Group

In the last few years, the UK property market has witnessed a noteworthy shift, as buyers increasingly prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability over the traditional charm of period properties.

Shawbrook's research sheds light on this trend, highlighting its roots in the economic climate and the post-pandemic era, which have sparked changes in housing preferences.

Developers, attuned to changing preferences, have reported a surge in interest towards sustainable housing. A majority of them recognise the growing priority that buyers place on energy efficiency. New builds have gained popularity, with location still playing a crucial role in influencing property sales.

The recent shift in UK property market reflects a growing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. As a bridging lender, our commitment is to understand and adapt to these changing trends. We offer financial solutions to support property owners in enhancing their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings. This presents an opportunity for property sellers to improve their chances in the competitive market.

Embracing sustainability is not just a responsible choice; it's becoming a strategic move for property owners navigating the ever-changing real estate environment.


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