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Sarah Bennett celebrates her 3rd workiversary

On 9 September 2019, Sarah joined our - then small - team as the new Business Development Manager. Ever since then, she has nothing but excelled in her job, and soon advanced into the Key Account Manager.

Sarah on working for The Bridging Group:

"I was just settling in to my role with TBG and then the Global Pandemic hit. We were lucky that we carried on trading, when a lot of the other bridging lenders did not.
Coming from a regulated mortgage background, I love how fast enquiries can convert to applications and then completions. I also love to be a part of client’s projects, assisting with both day 1 loans & money for build costs.
The best part about working for TBG is the team. We are like little family, supporting each other."

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your outstanding service over the years.

We’re looking forward to many more.

The Bridging Group team



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