Why a bridging loan?

You can use bridging finance for many things including

  • Purchase new property

  • Expand property portfolios

  • Carry out refurbishments

  • Raise capital to help buy assets

  • Raise money to cover tax liabilities

  • Provide short-term cash flow

  • Chain break funding

Residential Bridge, Refurbishment Bridge, Commercial and

Semi-Commercial Bridge, 2nd Charge Bridge.

Bridging finance is a type of loan designed to help a borrower achieve a

short- term goal and then repay when they have obtained a larger source

of finance or sale or a property. Examples of instances where bridging

finance is commonly used include:

Quick purchases, minor refurbishments and short-term cash flow requirements.

Non-regulated, quick short-term funding suitable for several uses on various property types. Available throughout England.

bridging loan