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Borrow for up to 24 months, from £50k to £15m!

What is bridging finance?

Bridging finance is a short-term loan (typically up to 2 years) which the main purpose of is to“bridge” the gap between a purchase and pending permanent financing. Although the rates are usually higher than in more permanent financing, a bridging loan is a time-saving tool that lowers the chance of missing out on investment opportunities.

Why choose bridging finance?

The main purpose of bridging finance is to help a borrower achieve a short-term goal and then repay when they have obtained a larger source of finance or sale of a property.

Use bridging finance for:

  • purchase of a new property,

  • expansion of property portfolios,

  • refurbishments,

  • raising capital to help buy assets,

  • raising money to cover tax liabilities,

  • provision of short-term cash flow,

  • chain-break funding,

  • EPC rating improvements.

Covering England and Wales, we have a friendly and knowledgeable team at The Bridging Group. We treat our clients and partners fairly and with the service and speed you would expect from a highly experienced lender. We are passionate about good service, which is why we enjoy a high rate of repeat borrowers. 

Projects we can finance:

  • residential,

  • refurbishment,

  • commercial (incl. hotels),

  • semi-commercial,

  • 2nd charges,

  • quick purchases (incl. auctions),

  • minor refurbishments,

  • non-regulated, fast short-term,

  • short-term cash flow,

  • EPC rating improvements,

  • development,
  • non-dom,

  • gifted deposits.

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Our rates & LTVs:

Our team will not tease you with a headline rate only to increase it just before completion. We're open, upfront and clear. 

Rate: from 0.99%

LTV: up to 75%

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Flexibility. Transparency. Helpfulness.

Highway Night Light

They work with us and our clients, you always know what to expect. There are no hidden surprises (as we face with other lenders), offering a lower headline rate.
We would recommend them to any broker or property investor looking for short-term lending delivered efficiently and with a common sense approach. Give them a try.

Great service and excellent choice for property investors.

M. Patel on Trustpilot

Fast and efficient bridging lender. My clients have been very happy with the speed, flexibility and communication throughout the process. I would have no hesitation to recommend The Bridging Group to other clients where appropriate.

Satijana on Google Reviews

My experience with this company has been nothing short of excellent!
I have now used them twice and have passed their details on to my group of personal and business contacts. They are approachable, extremely fast, have a strong knowledge of bridging finance and came up with a solution where others could not deliver. If you are looking for an honest bunch of people who will go the extra mile, give them a call. Absolutely amazing.

Steve J. Turner

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