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Understanding the Essence of Our Commercial Bridge Offer

The Bridging Group Understanding the Essence of Our Commercial Bridge Offer

Commercial bridging finance is a pivotal financial tool designed for investors and business owners in the commercial real estate sector.

Whether you're eyeing the acquisition of a new hotel, a retail shop, or any other commercial property, bridging finance can provide the swift, short-term funding you need to make your investment a reality before a more permanent financing option becomes available.

In essence, bridging finance is a short-term loan, typically lasting from a few weeks to 24 months. It's tailored for individuals or entities looking to purchase or refinance commercial properties. This type of finance is especially useful in scenarios where quick funding is crucial — perhaps to secure a property at auction or to buy a property before selling another.

Why Choose Bridging Finance?

The beauty of bridging finance lies in its flexibility and speed. Unlike traditional bank loans, which can take months to process, bridging loans can be arranged in a matter of days, allowing buyers to act swiftly in competitive markets.

Ideal Candidates for a Commercial Bridge

It is well-suited for investors, developers, and business owners who are:

  • Looking to purchase commercial properties quickly.

  • Awaiting the sale of another property to raise funds.

  • Seeking to refurbish a property before securing long-term financing.

Our Offer

  • Loan Term: Loans are offered for a period of 3 to 24 months, making them ideal for immediate financial needs.

  • Loan Amount: Borrowers can secure financing ranging from £50,000 to £15 million.

  • Loan to Value (LTV): Up to 60% LTV is available, which means you can borrow up to 60% of the property's market value.

  • Flexibility: Bridging loans can be tailored to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the borrower, offering more flexibility than traditional financing options.

  • Credit Score Not a Concern: Our assessment may include an overview of your financial position, but our primary focus is on a satisfying exit strategy.

Commercial bridging finance is a powerful solution for those in need of quick, short-term funding for commercial real estate ventures. Its flexibility, speed, and convenience make it an invaluable resource in today’s fast-paced market. If you're looking to bridge the financial gap in your next commercial property investment, consider how our solutions can help you achieve your goals.


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